Erasmus Curriculum Development Project  “PLAPA - Plasma Physics & Applications”

Project Number - 510587 - LLP - 1 - 2010 - 1 - GR - ERASMUS - E - ECDSP

The main objective of this project is the development of a curriculum development of a MSc degree that will contribute to the training of new scientists in the field of inertial confinement fusion for energy production. This module foresees to interlink the pure science and the technology on the field of green energy production.

Following the Bologna process the courses of the module will be distributes among three semesters. A fourth semester will be devoted for the implementation of a research project. All the courses - notes will be developed in English language. This module will correspond to 120 ECTS units (30 ECTS units per semester).

This module is mainly referred to graduate students from Science Departments, Electrical Engineering Departments, Materials Science Departments.

The consortium of the partner Universities have secured the financial aid up to 75% from the EACEA and the rest 25% will be contributed by the partners for the next two years (October 2010 - October 2011).

The consortium has decided as a second phase of this project to submit an Erasmus Mundus proposal in order to actually exploit and implement the outputs of this Erasmus Curriculum Development.

The consortium partners have demonstrated long experience and expertise (research and educational)

in the fields of plasma physics, laser physics, optoelectronics, fusion, laser fusion.

Participating Universities:

Coordinator: Technological Educational Institute of Crete , Greece

Partner Universities:

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain 

Imperial College London, UK

Universite Bordeaux 1, France

Queen’s University, UK

Institut National Des Sciences et Techniques Nucleaires (INSTN), France

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Universita di Milano - Bicocca, Italy

Contact Informations

For further informations on the CD - project please contact with:

Dr Michael Tatarakis (Coordinator of the project) - TEI of Crete

Email: m.tatarakis@chania.teicrete.gr

Dr Konstantinos Petridis - TEI of Crete

Email: c.petridis@chania.teicrete.gr

Mrs Kaliopi Tsitou - TEI of Crete

Email: ptsitou@chania.teicrete.gr

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.